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klatmagazine, 11 hours ago

RT @GirardPerregaux: #tbt to 1984 with these 3 Laureato Equation. #finewatchmaking #swissmade https://t.co/LhasaZZReY

klatmagazine, 11 hours ago

A #watch for inveterate travelers: Vacheron Constantin’s Overseas World Time. https://t.co/E4Ffi33vIv @Vacheron1755

klatmagazine, 11 hours ago

Un orologio per grandi viaggiatori: l’Overseas Ore del Mondo di Vacheron Constantin. https://t.co/9GqXsG4H7thttps://t.co/WJGwOGyZeu

klatmagazine, 15 hours ago

RT @tommasobovo: L’onda lunga dei Radical https://t.co/BcpaCnImjz via @klatmagazine

klatmagazine, 5 days ago

RT @ppriolo: Mercedes-Benz 230 SL "Pagoda" (W113) on the piste, 1960s. https://t.co/aGmovF0PNs

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