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klatmagazine, 2 days ago

Hiroshi Sugimoto “#Photography Has Come to an End” https://t.co/BXHVnzeEnh Interview by @saradolfiago #art @fondsrr

klatmagazine, 2 days ago

Hiroshi Sugimoto “La #fotografia è finita” https://t.co/0BUpAUcsqg Intervista di @saradolfiago #arte @fondsrr

klatmagazine, 2 days ago

RT @Lamborghini: 50 years ago we invented the Lamborghini #Marzal. Today was displayed for our first Concorso d'Eleganza in Neuchâtel. http…

klatmagazine, 3 days ago

RT @ppriolo: An interview with the artist Thomas Ruff. https://t.co/w31hqXX7vR via @FT cc @saradolfiago

klatmagazine, 4 days ago

RT @ppriolo: Huracán Performante, a record-breaking Lamborghini. #Supercars @Lamborghini @klatmagazine (ENG) https://t.co/EZ5tVRiUrj

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