Paolo Priolo

He has been the Editor-in-Chief of Klat since 2009, the year in which he founded the magazine with Emanuela, prompted by his interest in information, design and good ideas. A perfectionist, he loves nature, culture and well-made things. In 2020 he created the Pienosole brand, for the sake of beauty and justice.

Emanuela Carelli

She is the one who makes Klat work, after founding it with Paolo. She has two children, is a graphic designer, loves culinary experiments and is fairly certain of one thing: that it is creativity that makes the world go round. In 2020 she created the Pienosole brand, because the quest for harmony starts from little things.

Maurizio Spinali

A journalist who found his vocation in the pages of magazines for the car-addicted like Evo and TopGear, he writes for Il Corriere della SeraElaborare and Al Volante. He has always been torn between two worlds, that of the auto and that of literature. He loves videogames.

Nicola Scevola

Fascinated by the figure of the globetrotter, he soon put his law degree away in the drawer, packed his bags and left Milan. Under the illusion that he was still living in the time of Kapuściński and Terzani, he threw himself into journalism. By the time he realized that the profession had changed, it was too late to give up the pleasure of telling stories. And of packing his bags.

Manuel Orazi

Born in Macerata, he studied and lived for a while in Venice, before returning to the fold. He works for the Quodlibet publishing house, where he is in charge of books on architecture and the press office, but he also teaches the History of Architecture and the City at Ferrara. Every so often he writes something for Il FoglioIcon Design and a few architecture magazines like Domus and Log.

Gianluigi Freda

An architect, he writes about architecture and places. He loves Naples, where he lives and teaches, and Tel Aviv, where he returns every now and then.

Tommaso Bovo

He was born and studied in Venice, but lives and works in Florence. His interests lie in graphic design, new media and the criticism of design. He has been art director of several studios and works with various companies. He has given lectures at the Department of Architecture of Florence University. He is professor of Graphic Design and Design Methodology at the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED).

Eugenio Cau

Born in Bologna, he took a degree in history and writes for the foreign affairs section of Il Foglio. He misses the fog ever since he went to live in Rome. He is a technological optimist and loves gadgets. He has a passion for China and is trying with difficulty to learn Mandarin.

Mauro Zanon

Born just a handful of kilometres from Venice toward the end of the eighties, he is the Paris correspondent for Il Foglio and contributes to the French weekly L’Express. He lived quite well in Sarkozy’s France, badly in Hollande’s, and is doing fine in that of Macron (about whom he has even written a book, Macron. La rivoluzione liberale francese, Marsilio). He loves Dino Risi’s movies, Mina’s songs, Emilian cooking, Andalusia, his Vespa Primavera and José Mourinho’s Inter.

Manuel Peruzzo

Manuel Peruzzo was born in the polluted valleys of the Como region and prefers the couch, the TV and Wi-Fi  to trips to Chiasso. He pretends to be one of those cultural writers of the last century for Il Foglio, Forbes, Linkiesta, Esquire and Klat. He lives in fear of being exposed.

Eugenio Ruocco

As a boy he wanted to be a journalist. Then he discovered sailing (first racing boats, then as an instructor and finally cruising), and it was love at first sight. So he decided to unite his two passions. For years he has been working for Il Giornale della Vela and, more recently, for the magazine Barche a Motore as well. When he’s not on a boat, he plays the drums, cooks and goes hunting for mushrooms.

Enrico Pitzianti

Born in Cagliari, he lives in Milan and likes to travel. He works as an editor for the magazine L’Indiscreto and contributes to Il FoglioForbes, the Italian edition of EsquireKlat and cheFare. He focuses on aesthetics, art and current affairs.

Paolo Armelli

Born in Vicenza and living in Milan, he is a freelance contributor for publications and websites like Donna ModernaWiredL’Indice dei LibriLinkCentodieci and Klat, and focuses chiefly on books, TV series, pop culture and every so often less serious things.

Marina Valensise

She has been the director of the Italian Institute of Culture in Paris, written several essays (most recently, La cultura è come la marmellata, Marsilio) and founded a consultancy for the promotion of culture in business. She contributes to Il FoglioIl Messaggero and Klat.

Luca Fiore

A journalist from Milan, he used to be editor-in-chief of Il Giornale del Popolo in Lugano and now works in Milan for a stunning monthly called Tracce. He writes about art and photography for Il Foglio and contributes to Klat. He is lazy, and proud of it. He is fond of Oscar Wilde’s aphorism: “If one tells the truth, one is sure, sooner or later, to be found out.”

Cesare Cappa

He dreamed of becoming a test driver, and (almost) made it: he’s a journalist and writes about motor cars. He loves autos, they’re an obsession. He has a degree in mechanical engineering and a passion for jazz. He contributes to Il Sole 24 OreIl MessaggeroAuto and Klat.

Simonetta Suzzi

A journalist, she started to take an interest in the world of watches in 2001, when she joined the editorial staff of the monthly L’Orologio. The author of monographs on the history and technique of watchmaking, she has contributed to a number of Italian periodicals and newspapers. She lives and works in Rome.

Valentina Bruschi

An art historian, journalist and curator, she moved from Rome to Palermo in 2005. In more recent years, she has combined her writing work and her curatorial engagements with her passion for history and the land, setting up a farm where she produces organic olive oil, convinced that “agriculture is culture” in the words of the artist Joseph Beuys, who saw the defense of nature as a form of action anthropology.

Paolo Casicci

A journalist, after fifteen years at La Repubblica he began to work as a content curator and in 2019 founded DigiTale. He has edited the online magazine Cieloterradesign since 2015. He teaches at the ISIA and the Quasar Institute for Advanced Design in Rome. He likes design because it allows him to touch things and see people.

Chiara Agradi

A curator and researcher, she lives in Paris and is studying for a PhD at the Ecole du Louvre. Her area of research is the use made of Polaroid film in the practice of Italian photographers from the seventies to the present day. She has collaborated with the Cabinet de la Photographie of the Centre Pompidou and worked at the photography department of Christie’s in London and Paris.

Enrico Ratto

A journalist and entrepreneur, he was born in Genoa and lives between Liguria and the South of France. When he writes, it’s about photography and architecture. In 2014 he founded the magazine Maledetti Fotografi, in which he has published interviews with some of the finest photographers in the world.

Valeria Montebello

She lives in Rome, where she studied philosophy. A journalist, she writes for Rivista StudioL’OfficielIl FoglioKlat and others. She works as a trend hunter in an advertising agency. Her favorite pastime is binge watching. She has a gift for sarcasm.

Andrea Daniele Signorelli

A journalist, he focuses on the relationship between new technologies, politics and society. He writes for La StampaWiredEsquire and Il Tascabile. In 2019 he published Rivoluzione Artificiale: l’uomo nell’epoca delle macchine intelligenti (Ledizioni).

Manfredo di Robilant

An architect and researcher, he teaches architectural design at Turin Polytechnic and has been a Visiting Scholar at the CCA in Montreal. He has taught at Domus Academy and given lectures at Washington University in St. Louis, the Institut für Kunstwissenschaft in Bremen, Milan Polytechnic, the Strelka Institute in Moscow and the Harvard Graduate School of Design. He is a partner in the DAR architecture firm.

Valentina Ciuffi

A journalist, she was born in Bologna in 1978. As a grownup she has specialized in the semiotics of art and architecture, and writes about design, urban spaces, creativity and theater for numerous Italian and foreign magazines. Among others:  Vogue Il Sole 24 Ore La Stampa Apartamento D La repubblica delle donne Abitare (of which she was a member of the editorial staff from 2008 to 2013) and Klat, of course. In 2014 she opened the Actant Visuelle studio.

Caroline Corbetta

Working freelance, she indulges her restlessness and tries to transcend the self-referentiality of art. She writes for, among others, DomusL’Uomo Vogue and Rolling Stone and oversees projects for institutions like the Moderna Museet and Performa. She has taken delight in scouting for artists ever since the time when, around ten years ago, she came across an unknown Nathalie Djurberg.

Francesco Costa

Born in 1984, he is a journalist at Il Post and has written for Il Sole 24 Ore’s IL magazine L'Unità Internazionale Il Foglio L’Ultimo Uomo and Grazia . He lives in Milan and is obsessed with American politics, soccer, Roma (the team) and hamburgers.

Domitilla Dardi

Torn between the history of art and the history of architecture, she came across design at the end of the last century and has not let go of it since. She loves to deal with everything that entails the use of ingredients, their choice, mixing and transformation: from writing to cooking, from knitting to design, from perfumes to colors. She is curator for design at the MAXXI and professor of the History of Design at the IED.

Sara Dolfi Agostini

A curator and journalist, she lives between Italy and the United States, but often changes course to visit museums, biennials and artists' studios. Specializing in contemporary art and photography, she is a member of the Milan Triennale’s advisory board. Sara co-curated the public art project ArtLine Milano and wrote the book Collezionare Fotografia (2010, with Denis Curti). She has been contributing to Il Sole 24 Ore since 2008.

Francesca Esposito

A journalist, she contributes to various publications, writing on architecture, photography, arts and crafts. She is responsible for communication at the new Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli. She currently resides in the heart of Milan’s Chinatown, after having lived in Shenzhen, Rome, Parma, London and Paris. She is planning a getaway.

Marco Ferrari

An architect, his focus is on information design. He teaches at the ISIA in Urbino and the IUAV in Venice. From 2011 to 2013 he was creative director of  Domus. In 2012, together with Elisa Pasqual, he founded Folder, a research and visual design studio based in Milan. He was born in 1981.

Federico Florian

Art historian and aspiring writer, he lives in Milan and has a weakness for contemporary art. He contributes to Arte e Critica and other publications. A violin player and indefatigable traveler, he loves good literature. He dreams of a lively and fresh art criticism, and is waiting for the moment to write the perfect novel.

Susanna Legrenzi

A journalist, she writes for VogueIl Giornale dell'ArchitetturaLa Vita Nova and other periodicals. When not writing, she teaches and organizes exhibitions.

Loredana Mascheroni

A journalist, she has always been interested in design. Passionate about contemporary art and architecture, she has worked at Domus since 1997, following a decade-long apprenticeship with other magazines in the sector and an early experience as a TV news journalist that left her with a partiality for video interviews. She does yoga and goes running, to loosen up the tensions caused by overuse of the tablet.

Roberta Mutti

She sits astride Italy, Belgium and Southeast Asia, and sometimes falls off. When asked what she does, she replies: I do things, see people. She has been writing about furniture for twenty years and is still not tired of it, in spite of everything. She has no free time, and is not even interested in it. For her it’s enough not to have to go to the same office everyday. She mixes with unlikely people, and contributes to Klat for this very reason.

Gabriele Neri

With a PhD in architecture, he teaches the history of design in Milan and Mendrisio. He contributes to the Domenica supplement of Il Sole 24 Ore and the Swiss magazine Archi. After several books on Pier Luigi Nervi, he published Caricature architettoniche. Satira e critica del progetto moderno (Quodlibet, 2015), of which he is very proud. He has a beautiful daughter nicknamed Attila.

Enrico Rotelli

Enrico Rotelli interviews American writers for the La Lettura cultural supplement of Il Corriere della Sera and works with the Fondazione Fabrizio De André. He has been an assistant to Fernanda Pivano, editing her books Diari 1917-1973Diari Volume 2 1974-2009 and Medaglioni. He has also edited the autobiographies of Valentina Cortese, Carla Fracci and Paola Turci.

Fabio Severo

A journalist, he lives in Rome because it’s no longer fashionable, realizes photographic projects for the ZONA association and writes for StudioLinkiesta and L’Ultimo Uomo, among others. He runs a blog on contemporary photography, called Hippolyte Bayard, and has an ill-concealed obsession with tennis.

Ilaria Speri

She has been living for many years in Milan, where her interests lie in photography and allied areas. She works on exhibition and publishing projects, in particular with the curatorial collective Fantom. She teaches history of photography at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Bologna. At the same time she carries out research, studies and writes for exhibitions, books and magazines.