Nicolò Degiorgis
Hidden Islam

14 October 2014

On the cover there is a map of Northeast Italy, while the title hints at the exploration of an underground landscape. Hidden Islam is an investigation of Muslim spaces of prayer in a part of Italy where the scarcity of officially recognized places of worship has resulted in a whole range of improvised assemblies and converted buildings: warehouses, car parks and supermarkets that Nicolò Degiorgis presents in a sequence of very simple black-and-white exteriors, as if they were old land-register records. Behind each building we are shown scenes in color of moments in the life of the religious communities, in a parade of sites transfigured by dozens and hundreds of worshipers kneeling in prayer. The volume, which won the Author Book Award at the last Rencontres d’Arles, is published by Rorhof.

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Fabio Severo

A journalist, he lives in Rome because it’s no longer fashionable, realizes photographic projects for the ZONA association and writes for StudioLinkiesta and L’Ultimo Uomo, among others. He runs a blog on contemporary photography, called Hippolyte Bayard, and has an ill-concealed obsession with tennis.

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