Ramaioli Tridentini

18 June 2012

Looking around for something of value made in Italy, we came across the collection I Ramaioli Tridentini by Segno Italiano (a “mark” that brings together some strictly Italian craft productions of excellence). Notwithstanding technological advances, pots and molds made of copper, used for over 500 years, are still the best for cooking food: both for the properties of the material and for their forms, still suited today to the tradition of our regional cuisine. Copper, thanks to its thermal conductivity, allows the food to be cooked more rapidly, in a uniform way and without burning. But it has to be high-quality copper, of the right thickness, and the utensils have to be perfectly made. Which is exactly what we can expect from the ramaioli tridentini or coppersmiths of Trentino who give the collection its name: each piece is crafted by hand, from the screws of the handles to the hammering, and every detail is finished in the traditional way.

Ramaioli Tridentini Ramaioli Tridentini Ramaioli Tridentini Ramaioli Tridentini Ramaioli Tridentini

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Roberta Mutti

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