Marina Abramović on TV

21 March 2012

In another country it would probably be quite normal. In Italy, on the other hand, the sight of the legendary pioneer of performance art Marina Abramović appearing as a guest on a public TV program that turns around soccer, broadcast on Sunday afternoon, was surreal. Hard to believe. And yet it really did happen… The credit (or blame, in the eyes of those who still defend a little old world of art that may never have existed) for this small but revolutionary event goes to Victoria Cabello, who interviewed her for about twenty minutes on Quelli che il calcio. She deliberately kept the questions simple in order to make her art comprehensible to an audience of the uninitiated (or rather, not to make it any more complicated than it is). That – and to publicize her exhibition at the PAC – was the reason Marina was there and she said so straightaway: “I want to make my performances mainstream.” And with her charisma, a blend of solemnity and accessibility, she threw herself into the task without a safety net. She even accepted a comparison with her antithesis, the Italian showgirl Valeria Marini. The world of Twitter went crazy. Others didn’t even notice. But who cares. We want more!

Marina Abramović on TV Marina Abramović on TV Cabello Victoria;Abramovic Marina ph. M. Pomati ©sgp

Photo: M. Pomati © sgp

Caroline Corbetta

Working freelance, she indulges her restlessness and tries to transcend the self-referentiality of art. She writes for, among others, DomusL’Uomo Vogue and Rolling Stone and oversees projects for institutions like the Moderna Museet and Performa. She has taken delight in scouting for artists ever since the time when, around ten years ago, she came across an unknown Nathalie Djurberg.

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