MART, 10 anni e un nuovo website

19 December 2012

The MART in Rovereto, directed by Cristiana Collu, has celebrated the first ten years of its existence. Among the innovations, a new website. Its launch is marked by DentroInside. Note di produzione by Gianluca Vassallo: a “public and private biography” in which the leading role is played by another element central to the life of the museum: people’s work. The “venue” is the Project Zone, the site’s cover page: a real exhibition space to which the museum attaches full curatorial importance. Under the cover, the homepage, with sections and subpages devoted to exhibitions, previews, historical archives, the Casa Depero, news and much more. To the collections, a patrimony of over 30 thousand works, is devoted a first preview of 100 masterpieces that will gradually be added to. Each work is accompanied by a biography of the artist and a descriptive entry. For service information, a footer allowing direct browsing. There is also a City Guide with addresses of special interest. And the extension onto social networks, from Facebook to Pinterest, of all the extra contents: from the galleries to the videos. A website that sets a benchmark: sober and irresistible, beautiful and intelligent, it is designed by our editor-at-large Susanna Legrenzi, with graphics by Maurizio Maselli, and developed by Anthesi. Congratulations.

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