Toni Thorimbert

17 January 2014

Reporter, portraitist and fashion photographer, Toni Thorimbert was born in Lausanne in 1957, but grew up in Milan, where he first made his mark at a very young age documenting the social and political tensions of the seventies. Over the following decade his lens helped to fix the image of innovative Italian periodicals like Max, Sette and Amica. In 1995 he took part with Gabriele Basilico, Vincenzo Castella, Moreno Gentili and Mimmo Jodice in the Chimica aperta project, promoted by Federchimica. The same year he received the Art Directors Club/Afip award for creativity in the photographic portrait. His pictures have been acquired by the Photographic Collection of the City of Paris, the Galleria Civica and Fondazione Fotografia of Modena, and the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives in Dharamshala, India. In addition to carrying out prestigious advertising campaigns, Thorimbert contributes regularly to some of the principal Italian and foreign magazines: Details, Mademoiselle, Wallpaper, GQ, Rolling Stone, Sportweek, Io Donna, Style.

The song you never get tired of listening to.

An entire album: Howie B’s Turn the Dark Off.

The movie you can watch over and over again.

Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

The book you fell head over heels in love with.

Haruki Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore.

The object you’re most attached to.

My motorbike, a Yamaha 850 TRX Special.

Your favorite place.

Where I am now.

A cult film you cannot stand.

Anything with John Belushi in it.

A literary classic you can’t bear.

The Betrothed, they ruined it for me at school.

The most beautiful automobile ever made.

A dark green Jaguar E-Type.

Three stops on a journey around the world.

New York, Tokyo, Maldives.

A contemporary artist whose future in the history of art is assured.

Damien Hirst, but I would add Maurizio Cattelan and Marina Abramović.

An architect to whom you would entrust the construction of a fantastic place.

Italo Calvino.

A fashion designer for an epoch-making show.

I’ve seen them, they were staged by Gianni Versace.

An elegant person.

A potentially boring person.

An inelegant person.

Someone who poses.

Who would you advise to change profession?

Anyone who’s unhappy with the one they’ve got.

A bad habit you have?

Wanting everything.

What would you like to overindulge in?

My time.

What can’t you do without?


What would you like to be a champion of?

Motorbike racing.

The hotel and restaurant at the top of your personal league table.

Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, and the restaurant Primo Gusto, next to my studio, in Milan.

The greatest invention of all time.


The historical figure you are most grateful to.

My mother and father.

Emanuela Carelli

She is the one who makes Klat work, after founding it with Paolo. She has two children, is a graphic designer, loves culinary experiments and is fairly certain of one thing: that it is creativity that makes the world go round. In 2020 she created the Pienosole brand, because the quest for harmony starts from little things.

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