6 February 2013

Directly from Design Tide, a set of kitchenware for everyday use: FoodWork. Eight Norwegian designers have reconsidered a number of accessories and utensils for the preparation and consumption of food in a way that fits in with Japanese culture or, they explain, with “our particular understanding of Japanese culture.” We don’t know how they have gone down in Japan, but they certainly work well over here. Both for the materials (soft silicone for containers used to pour oil and soy sauce, Corian and maple wood for salt and pepper grinders, wood for rice bowls) and for the simplicity of their design. Among the designers, Petter Skogstad for Dodo (oil and soy sauce), Anderssen & Voll for Ori (salt and pepper grinders) and Per Finne for Wood Tool (wooden utensils).

FoodWork FoodWork FoodWork FoodWork FoodWork FoodWork FoodWork FoodWork

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Roberta Mutti

She sits astride Italy, Belgium and Southeast Asia, and sometimes falls off. When asked what she does, she replies: I do things, see people. She has been writing about furniture for twenty years and is still not tired of it, in spite of everything. She has no free time, and is not even interested in it. For her it’s enough not to have to go to the same office everyday. She mixes with unlikely people, and contributes to Klat for this very reason.

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