BeoLab 90, Bang & Olufsen
Frackenpohl Poulheim

3 December 2015

Ninety years of activity is quite a milestone, so Bang & Olufsen—the historic brand created in 1925 by the Danish engineers Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen—has decided to celebrate it by producing an innovative speaker that combines aesthetics and high technological performance, guaranteeing an unforgettable listening experience. We are talking about BeoLab 90, a loudspeaker of extremely iconic design (by Frackenpohl Poulheim) that will not disappoint audiophiles and enthusiasts for the brand. BeoLab 90 contains a series of innovations that it is worth going into more deeply: in the first place it uses Active Room Compensation technology, which adjusts the sound to compensate for the effect of the room, the arrangement of its furniture and the positioning of the speakers in relation to the point you are listening from. This system allows you to set up the audio so that you can hear exactly where the individual members of a group or the actors in a movie are located. In addition, BeoLab 90 is a “smart” speaker that measures the acoustic effects of the surroundings and directs the sound toward your favorite listening location. It is not necessary to be directly in front of or near the sound source to have an excellent experience, thanks in part to something called Beam Width Control, which makes it possible to modify the sound to suit different listening situations. In a nutshell, it is the system that defines the sound, not the room in which it is located. As in all B&O products, however, it’s the aesthetics that makes the difference. In this case too, form follows function. The position and orientation of the 18 drivers are defined by acoustic requirements. The 360° design is based on an aluminum cabinet weighing over 65 kg that provides an extremely solid frame. The black fabric covers float like sails in front of the speakers and the curved wooden base lifts the large structure above the floor, allowing the speaker to adapt to the spaces of your home. A few technical specifications for enthusiasts: the speaker contains 14 channels of ICEpower amplifiers and four additional class D amps specially made to meet the specific requirements of BeoLab 90. All this allows each unit to produce up to 8200 watts of power. Really impressive figures. BeoLab 90 can be controlled with its own router or a smartphone, using an app that can be found on the principal mobile platforms.

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