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26 September 2012

“Are you looking for more pictures related to ‘1943?’ History or Infographic?”

Perhaps you’ve already happened to take a look at his Flickr account, discovering what is perhaps the biggest and most complete collection of examples of information design. If you haven’t come across it, the address is History of Infography. The curious thing is that this collection – books, printed and digital maps, as well as axonometric projections of urban landscapes – also has a physical existence and makes Michael Stoll, professor of Media Theory and Information Design at the Augsburg University of Applied Sciences, the greatest collector of infographics (or historiographic materials, as he would call them) in the world. From today until September 29, Stoll will be in Treviso for the fourth Design Per. International Graphic Design Week, where he will lead a workshop, one of three on the program, showing off part of his Wunderkammer of images at Palazzo Giacomelli. This year the festival, promoted by AIAP, the Associazione Italiana Design della Comunicazione Visiva, focuses on the theme Design and Science. The challenge is to identify possible new visions of representation in the service of and in dialogue with advanced research, from the media to pharmacology. Also expected, along with Stoll, are Max Whitby, founder of Touch Press, Mark Irving, who teaches Criticism, Communication and Curation and Innovation Management at Central Saint Martins in London, Martin Foessleitner and many others. Forums, conferences, exhibitions, open studios, events in the A-Z List to be found at Aiap / Design Per. 2012.

Design Per. / Design and Science Design Per. / Design and Science Design Per. / Design and Science Design Per. / Design and Science Rank of the Most Populous Cities at Each Census Design Per. / Design and Science

Susanna Legrenzi

A journalist, she writes for VogueIl Giornale dell’ArchitetturaLa Vita Nova and other periodicals. When not writing, she teaches and organizes exhibitions.

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