Norman Seeff
The Look of Sound

8 October 2014

The first retrospective in Europe devoted to Norman Seeff, with almost 200 pictures portraying the icons of the American cultural scene of the last forty years. Born in South Africa, Seeff emigrated to the United States in 1969, giving up his career as a doctor to pursue his artistic vocation. Shortly after his arrival he was discovered by Bob Cato, one of the most important designers of album covers, and started to take photographs for the records of many American musicians. Later he moved to Los Angeles, where he had been appointed creative director of United Artists Records. In his works Seef unites the care taken over the studio portrait with the spontaneity of his interaction with the subject of the picture. An interaction evident too in the interviews that Seef carried out during his photographic sessions: free-ranging conversations with musical legends like Ray Charles and Johnny Cash that are being presented to the public for the first time in this exhibition.

Norman Seeff, The Look of Sound
Zephyr – Raum für Fotografie!
28 settembre 2014 – 25 gennaio 2015

Ike & Tina Turner, 1975. Foto: © Norman Seeff

Ike e/and Tina Turner, 1975. Photo: © Norman Seeff.

Marc Bolan (T.Rex) & “The” Gloria Jones, 1974. Foto: © Norman Seeff

Marc Bolan (T.Rex) e/and “The” Gloria Jones, 1974. Photo: © Norman Seeff.

Curtis Mayfield, 1979. Foto © Norman Seeff

Albert King, 1976. Photo: © Norman Seeff.

Johnny Cash, 1978. Foto: © Norman Seeff

Johnny Cash, 1978. Photo: © Norman Seeff.

Furry Lewis, 1974. Foto: © Norman Seeff

Furry Lewis, 1974. Photo: © Norman Seeff.

Frank Zappa, 1976. Foto: © Norman Seeff

Frank Zappa, 1976. Photo: © Norman Seeff.

John Belushi, 1981. Foto: © Norman Seeff

John Belushi, 1981. Photo: © Norman Seeff.

Rickie Lee Jones, 1978. Foto © Norman Seeff

Rickie Lee Jones, 1978. Photo: © Norman Seeff.

Patti Smith, 1969. Foto: © Norman Seeff

Patti Smith, 1969. Photo: © Norman Seeff.

Tammy Wynette, 1978. Foto: © Norman Seeff

Tammy Wynette, 1978. Photo: © Norman Seeff.

The Ramones, 1977. Foto © Norman Seeff

The Ramones, 1977. Photo: © Norman Seeff.

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