Brigade Operations Company on patrol in Yakchal

1 Settembre 2013

The Brigade Operations Company (BOC), made up of the Irish Guards and supporting element, have completed a search and disrupt operation to deny the enemy vital supplies. The operation was a resounding success with multiple cache finds. These caches contained lethal aid, such as weapons, ammunition and bomb making parts. This material would have caused significant damage to security forces had it been allowed to continue its journey to the hands of fighting insurgents.

The BOC landed in the early morning with little resistance on to an area bisected by a deep canal, and swept along it either side. The northern side of the canal encountered little resistance, while the southern side was met with a stronger coordinated resistance, that died out as the operation continued.

The operation lasted 5 hours and the troops were extracted by helicopter.

The MoD release authorised handout images.
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Photo credit to read – Corporal Si Longworth RLC (Phot)

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