Photographes, stars et artistes

5 May 2014

An exhibition that tells the story of a profession and of an imagery, the evolution in the concept of celebrity and its photographic representation over the decades. Paparazzi! presents the work of some very different photographers in a historical investigation of the way we look at the star system: from William Klein, with his ironic take on the world of fashion, to the fake intimate snapshots made by Alison Jackson, using doubles of famous people. Alongside dozens of icons of yesterday and today pictured from close-up, it presents an ample selection of works by contemporary artists, including Cindy Sherman, Thomas Demand and Gerard Richter. Together they explore the complex interaction between image and fame, and the influences that different genres of photography exercise on one another.

Paparazzi! Photographes, stars et artistes
Centre Pompidou-Metz
A cura di Clément Chéroux
26 febbraio – 9 giugno 2014

Jean Pigozzi, Mick Jagger et Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hôtel du Cap, Antibes, 1990

Mick Jagger e/and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hôtel du Cap, Antibes, 1990. Photo: Jean Pigozzi.

Sébastien Valiela, Brangelina (Brad Pitt et Angelina Jolie) à Paris

Brad Pitt e/and Angelina Jolie, Paris. Photo: Sébastien Valiela

Daniel Angeli, Elizabeth Taylor à Gstaad, 24 décembre 1979

Elizabeth Taylor, Gstaad, 1979. Photo: Daniel Angeli.

Alison Jackson, Bush with Rubik’s Cube, 2005

Bush, 2005. Photo: Alison Jackson

Sébastien Valiela, Paris Hilton sur une tondeuse à gazon, 21 mars 2006

Paris Hilton, 2006. Photo: Sébastien Valiela.

Bruno Mouron, Kate Moss lors de la Fashion Week, Paris, 1992

Kate Moss, Fashion Week, Paris, 1992. Photo: Bruno Mouron.

Georges Dudognon, Greta Garbo au club Saint- Germain, Paris, Vers 1952

Greta Garbo al/at club Saint- Germain, Paris, 1952. Photo: Georges Dudognon.

William Klein, Antonia + taxi jaune, photographie de mode pour Vogue, New York, 1962

Antonia per/for Vogue, New York, 1962. Photo: William Klein.

Xavier Martin, Jack Nicholson montrant ses fesses, Saint-Tropez, Juillet 1976

Jack Nicholson, Saint-Tropez, 1976. Photo: Xavier Martin.

Fabio Severo

A journalist, he lives in Rome because it’s no longer fashionable, realizes photographic projects for the ZONA association and writes for StudioLinkiesta and L’Ultimo Uomo, among others. He runs a blog on contemporary photography, called Hippolyte Bayard, and has an ill-concealed obsession with tennis.

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