A Morning Material Ritual

I make coffee almost every morning. I recently assessed the objects I use daily to accomplish this. The objects encompass a hugely diverse breadth; all for one brief, simple ritual.

The four objects are:

An old silver teapot I found three years ago on the street in Brooklyn. Someone had decided to trash the perfectly good yet tarnished teapot and put it out with the garbage. I think it has since found an appreciative home. Despite a copious amount of visual aging, the teapot retains an elegant appeal. And perhaps due to the aging, the teapot can be seen as in accord with the rough ceramic mug.

A cheap plastic drip coffee cone, which cost less than a dollar. Flimsy and not-at-all pretentious, but completely functional.

A basic paper filter.

And a wood-fired ceramic mug I made in Japan last year. It has a super rough texture and radiant glaze spots from where the wood was in contact with it during the firing process. It's my favorite piece of pottery.

How the four objects somehow come together harmoniously I find curious and worthy of appreciation. The disparateness between the objects and their materials intensifies the mundane action of making and enjoying a cup of coffee, elevating it to a richly tactile, sensorial experience.

16 May 2012 / 0 comments
From Recommendation by Louie Rigano in Design

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